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I'm at the early voting
I'm at the COVID testing
I'm at the combination early voting COVID tesing

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important update: zoom's new filters work on fursuit heads

jobstuff, physical trauma 

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hi my name is kieran and 99% of games I've played have been muted with subtitles

job hunt, bleh 

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when you work somewhere, and you wear a tail in public... and the reaction isn't "ew" but "this environment is so toxic, it's great to see you comfortable enough to be yourself" it's just magical.

7 years with this company, and I'm being let go in 4 months...

Anyone looking for a remote devopsy snep? :\

⚠️(special information tone)
the pawbs you have used to dial are too feral. to obtain a special dialing wand, please bap the keypad with your paw now.


join tomorrow for around the globe for sneps: a 24h fundraiser for a great cause! tickets at:

I miss.....places. and things. and people.

new hobby: silently causing distractions on video meetings

see new, fantastic camera trap footage (somewhat) like these and more, this weekend at the virtual fundraiser!

tickets start at $5: ❄

wifecat: "wait why is your fursuit head on your desk?"
"meetings and or job interviews!"
wifecat: " and I live very different lives."

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