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wifecat: "wait why is your fursuit head on your desk?"
"meetings and or job interviews!"
wifecat: " and I live very different lives."

five years ago I stood atop a mountain in suit for the first time....

and couldn't even imagine the experiences I've had and friends I've met since. thank you all, and thank you especially <3

five years ago today, I got back to my hotel room after test fitting a giant ridiculous snep suit for the first time...and when no one was looking...>.>

everything is terrible. post sneps.



snow leopard hunting ranges span hundreds of miles

did I just drive 80 miles for chicken? yes. worth every minute.

wahs! 💕

happy ! asked me to invite everyone to join them for a 24 hour on Oct 3-4 ! It will be full of amazing stories from the field, Q&A, videos, and more! Tickets at


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