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living with a parrot means shopping for microwaves based on least annoying beep

cause you'll hear it a lot

how to find a kier at

and con-ual reminder that I'm half deaf, so I have no idea what direction you're shouting at from! come up to me instead!

couples portrait but it's just kier and his tail send tweet

alright, who am I gonna mow at during

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f....foxes >.> especially 💕

🖌️ AbigailDS @ FA

what if cuddles involved teeth tho

what if....sneps just wanted to cuddle with red pandas instead....

FLOOFY new badge from @_@

relationship advice: find a person who doesn't eat the foods you love


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I made a typo and accidentally invented the best website ever:


you: hey kieran what are you thinking about

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please try to tell yourself something nice about yourself today!

for example:

i am a good kitten :blobmiou:

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