hmm.. super longshot:... but does anyone know of wireless earbuds or bone conduction headset that's single channel (don't have to buy pair)/mono?

@kieran This might also be a longshot, but can you configure the audio source to output mono instead of stereo?

@faoluin yeah Android supports this, I just feel bad buying a pair when I only need one x3

@kieran Earphones are like cats - you can't have just one. :B

@kieran Nothing wireless, but maybe the PS4 default earbud? Bonus: it has a mic. Penalty: most people find it uncomfortable. You can test by sticking a dime in your ear. I'm not joking. It's the exact same size.

Otherwise Sony has (or had) a ~1.5-inch Bluetooth headset you can also use for calls. No idea on battery life; my brother used it like once and then never charged it again and destroyed the battery.


This one, I think. And it's only $33 at this link. Shop around, of course, but 7 hours of talk also means 7 hours of music. That's pretty generous. :)

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